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open call obliterazioni 2015

obliterazioni 2015


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100th poets

esperimenti di arte e non violenza Weapons of bread
Weapons of bread Weapons of bread

.... EXHIBITION .....................................................................
Mezzalunabio, vegetarian/vegan restaurant, p.zza Emanuele Filiberto 8/D, Turin
from 4th March to 17th April 2014
works by Gian Luigi Braggio, Carla Bertola, Alberto Vitacchio, Lisa Parmigiani, Mimmo La Grotteria, Alessandro Fioraso
nam wp 30 Helga Maestrini performing
Breda - Pistoia Simposianti play in front of the Ospedale del Ceppo in Pistoia

squares program - the artists

If you want to take part in this work with reflections, photographs, pictures, sounds and other material... YOU ARE WELCOME!

night I imagine some big drawings on the ground not different from the famous crop circles or a hypothetical constellation, a sort of warpgate which offers itself with immediacy and playful simplicity. Without forgetting fire...
I even consider the eyes as the real architect of the Creation, the builder of the reality which, communicating, becomes "creature" and, with its movements, "sign": alchemy happens in the "relationship", communicates itself as life energy sublimated in eros, biological substance. The formal quality is expressed through the movements of this creature and through the rigor of geometry (code, language). In this process the universal rule expresses the mediation of culture. The sign reflects a conceptual order, in harmony with the forms of the nature and the laws of natural growth: the distances are calculated starting from the golden section, a formula that more than any other establishes a direct link between culture and nature. The cognitive, Apollonian element, builds the rule, the mysterious algorithm that forms the structure. On the other side, the creative, Dionysian uniqueness is amplified by the interactive element.