Gian Luigi Braggio

through_my_hands My artistic research is genuine, irreducible, never bent to worldly logics, in which the creative and poetic quality is identified with the spiritual flame that transforms the individual into a person, reveals the uniqueness that belongs to it, the eternal values that underpin the existence. A human growth that can take place only in the circularity of the creative experience, in the relational and participated dimension of what I call organic culture, a sort of new humanism also transcendent on which refound the shared ethical and aesthetic values.

combustione pizza After years of intimistic and solitary work, with namVisualArt the processual dimension of the project is identified with the work itself: artist becomes the one that stimulates the creativity of the Other, helps to overcome the constraints of the models of mass culture to rediscover the primary, cosmic bond, which is the very meaning of existence. Even the simplest gesture can become art, even the most trivial action can be considered political. The process does not negate the form: cultural product, instrument of intellectual knowledge and document, the Art stands out as it is warpgate, dimension door able to communicate the gaze beyond space and time in the eternal dimension of being. Art as experience of truth, direct, human, partial and irreplaceable, the only one able to take us to a genuine and deep understanding of the world.

modulo grafite In my works nature and culture try a necessary agreement, a vital complementarity. The rational clarity of the form, minimal and controlled, along with the expressive uniqueness of the sign transfigure this tension into a state of mind, purify it in the discipline of language and simplicity of pure synthesis. Fire, bread and other simple materials are combined with the use of technology that dematerializes the work in thought and action.

weapons of bread circolo degli artisti

spiegare il mare pi greco modulare