nine used burners Since the early experiments, beginning from spring 2010, with the first works dealing with NAM I started from the idea of defining a shared space, an ideal space of communion between nature and culture: specifically, the work consisted of a drawing on the ground suitable to be walked on by people, done with colored chalks and charcoal, or, in interior spaces, with colored tape. The drawing, with simple and clear geometry, was accompanied by the presence of archaic containers called burners, modeled with bread dough, covered with wax and in some cases actually lit. Drawings, sculptures, installations, photos and performances have become autonomous works.

Meanwhile, two other projects were designed, presented in a couple of occasions, which represented a possible evolution of the idea: Cultural Organic Interaction, a performance space suitable to be continually reformulated, in which culture became the tool of mediation and search for balance both in the relationship between people and towards the environment; then Eco.Money, which moved the place of interaction from the physical space to the web, and invited art and culture to contribute experimentally to the reflection of ethic themes.

I conceived NamVisualArt as a work/project during winter 2012-2013, I presented and spread it on the web and on the territory involving shops, public spaces and artists. Starting from March 2014, it is present in Turin in a systematic way with Obliterazioni, with open and inclusive exhibitions and single interventions.

nam 46 performance