nam fairy tales


Alberto Vitacchio
Elena Ferretti
Carla Bertola
Raffaele Barti
Ares Bizzotto
Sonia Migliano
Enrica Hegman
Danila Fiorino
Simone Piazzesi
Alessandro Laino
Cristina Mocellin
Alfredo Doran
Toon Elfrinh
Emilio Morandi
Franca Morandi
Petra Diesing
Anne Flore
Helga Maestrini
Margherita Corio
Silvana D’Urso
Andrea Del Conte
Clotilde Masera
Alessandro Bett
Alessandro Fioraso
Valeria Sangiorgi

and many others

nam fairy tales
It is a “collective book” inspired by the world of Fairy Tale: everybody is invited to contribute by drawing without any reference to the traditional fairy tales, letting their imagination run in total experimental freedom.

You can choose to act on a random page, a blank page or change what has been partly created by others. There isn’t a rule: every action is always unique and equally valid. The contribution may be minimal or give rise to a complex and structured drawing, in any case always subject to possible subsequent changes as it is a collective work.

Nam fairy tales is a work constantly in progress, which focuses not only on the artist’s but on everybody’s creativity. An artist is above all the one who allows others to express themselves leading the process whose shape becomes a document and an unrepeatable experience of truth.

The book is presented to the public at subsequent times and has this dedicated page on the web.

– Vellanoontour, 2-9 giugno 2013, Pistoia
– Circolo degli Artisti, 15-24 giugno 2014, Torino
– Mezzaluna Bio, 17 aprile 2014, Torino
– Belfood Cucina, maggio-giugno 2014, Torino
– Biblioteca Ginzburg, 1-20 settembre 2014, TO
– Biblioteca Civica, 27 settembre 2014, Torino