NAM WP 30installation:
aluminum, polyester, iron – 62x100x9 cm – 2013

Made for Waple, brand of covers for iPhones, the work valorizes the resourcefulness of two young boys from Turin who proposed to some artists to make a work with some of their covers, also contributing to cover the costs of the materials.

It is the first version of a new interactive work in which the audience is invited to take part directly in the evolution of the work: in the 30 elements that make it up a number of notes (slips of paper with writings and drawings) are included and they can be read and changed at will, while others can be added by directly intervening in the physical work and on the web. From time to time there will be a transfer of content from the installations to the web and vice versa, so that the work becomes a living organism in constant transformation. Once in the circle, the signs will multiply and mingle in an unexpected and unrepeatable way.