Lita Poliakova


It is a therapeutic project consisting of found and author’s photographs.
The Project is based on sensual experience of physical intimacy that aroused childhood memories of both emotional and skin-to-skin contact with the parent. It is a reconstruction of memory – re-creation of the ambience and space of congeniality and love, the fleshly embodiment of father’s love.

01_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 02_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 03_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 04_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable
05_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 06_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 07_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 08_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 09_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable
10_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 11_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 12_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable
13_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 14_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 15_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable 16_Lita_Poliakova_(Ir)replaceable

Photographs, 2014

Note biografiche:

“When you touch me, I physically feel my father; I’m not longer an adult woman, but a small child in your arms. Through the veil of half-closed eyes, I can see myself, my little body being enveloped by your skin and dissolved in your smell. Warm pulsation mixes with sliding touches of cool and pale skin immersing me into the familiar bodily space”.
She has taken part in many exhibitions and publications.