organic culture

When I talk about culture I am not referring to the general notion of culture, but rather to the original meaning of “cultivate”, that is the care of knowledges and relationships that determine our own way of relating to the world and build the person, the identity of each at the individual and social level. Culture is that personal and collective exercise which refines senses and feelings, stimulates the true, deep understanding of earthly things and human heart, is an instrument of struggle, emancipation, spiritual growth. It feeds the ethical sense of collective action, facilitates mediation dynamics, relationship, participation. It expresses humanity in all its aspects through a compassionate look on the world.

More particularly, I consider “organic culture” a particular condition, generated by the creative thinking, which achieves virtuous dynamics of open relationship, shared to spread throughout society in a process where creativity bounces activating specific talents in everyone.

But that’s not enough. The organic dimension, material, biological must precede another quality. To explain it I like to imagine the physical process of light that, passing through a hole, projects the image of the reality in front of it, turned upside down and slightly blurred. This is the natural, biological process of relationship. The culture, the artifice is to build the device, that is the lens able to focus the image, able to bring our eyes into the distance, towards the horizon, the infinity of a starry sky showing us other planets, or to make everything smaller letting as many elements as possible enter our image in order to get a synthetic vision of reality. In this way Culture itself becomes a Creature, it has the possibility to see, to move and to know, and moving it leaves its signs, produces shapes. Lives. It can exist when it’s working on the device that, if we imagine a lens, however subtle, defines the limits, makes them closer, makes them distant, changes them depending on what it wants to observe in that moment, using the appropriate objective, or better, building a customized one, deciding tools and methodologies: in order for the creature to survive, it needs to constantly redefine itself, to give a sense to its movements, thought, action. Every day, every moment it has to redefine, remodel the limits of its vision, rebuild its identity, ask new questions, to redefine the goals, methods, tools for experimenting, inventing from scratch new relationship and thought models.

The soul of man as well as of culture lies in creativity, that energy that flows from the human heart and reveals the uniqueness, puts it in harmonious relationship with the world giving sense to its action. Creativity determines the personal way of expression, the motivation that leads to get involved, to overcome schemes and prejudices, to know, to experience, to rediscover oneself in the others. This movement happens in the relationship, real or virtual, direct or mediated: but in the relationship. The task of the artist is to stimulate creativity, to give an active role to the viewer that in turn become an actor, because it is fruition that completes the work. You’re an artist not because you’re creative, but as creator, you work on your device, on language, looking forward the tradition. it is an experience of truth: you use language to express yourself, not to communicate.

If the focus is on the process, the shapes are important, too. They are document, offer evidence and peaceful tools, action, struggle and emancipation. They appear in the form of research, archives, service, conference, parade, conscious choice. They can be considered works of art to all effects when they become warpgate, dimensional doors able to communicate gaze beyond space and time, in the eternal dimension of being. Thinking of a Renaissance painting, thanks to artifice, perspective, we are transported directly into the picture, we find ourselves dwelling for a few moments a corner of the world in which we can meet the gaze of the characters represented, the artist who painted them and also the gaze of all those who at different times have or will have observed the work. Abandoned our external, detached point of view, through technical perspective we can make this leap in time and dimension. Renaissance perspective makes it clear what is happening about every work of art, even when the code, responsible for this mediation, becomes very complex language. A work is never the transcription of an idea but its transfiguration into something that goes beyond it, covers it and dissolves it in an autonomous harmony. As was the case with the technical perspective, the mind creates the space, then sign and color intervene which, in turn, are ahead of the word as they work directly the flesh of the world. So first the technique, then the hand communicates the creative breath and sends it directly to the image, in perfect continuity. This happens every time the human goes beyond the technique and is able to communicate an authentic, partial, direct experience of truth in the form of a state of mind. And not only that. Otherwise it is a fiction, a fashion, a luxury: an ordinary object.

From the quality of the culture depends the future of man and civilization. I see no other way. That said, there are endless ways of understanding art and culture all respectable, generally. But I also believe that it is worth to bet on this particular model of living culture, inclusive and participatory, single because it is circumscribed by a thin skin that allows it to perceive itself as a unit and, at the same time, universal because it is fruitful: not only inclusive but especially fertile and contagious, it is shaken by a fever that can grow inside itself only as a Creature, that can spread like a germ of life and in turn generate other organisms, reflection of anima mundi on the plane of existence. On a practical level, now there is a place to meet, share, recognize similarities and become operational. If the word communicates and it is necessary, the action, the sign determine the depth of vision, build the perspective that allows us to inhabit a place beyond space and time, the source for the world. These words may sound utopian or maybe something difficult to achieve: but it is really only a matter of aims. And courage. You need to replace prejudice with tolerance, the contempt with compassion, the ground beneath your feet with a sea voyage. You can support and implement, within the limits of intelligence, another possible world.