the project

NamVisualArt is a new project which mainly proposes to reflect on the meaning of art and culture as an authentic means of participation and sharing, in a literary dimension as well as performative. The project starts from the idea of organic culture, that is, from the assumption that creative thinking is able to give a special quality to human relationships, so as to be able, under certain conditions, to create a model of relationship similar to a living organism. A form of life, with its own specific development and its evolution, which originates from the depth of the eyes and opens to the relationship mediated by culture. Elevated to the supreme value, creativity becomes the manifestation of the soul in harmony with the world, means of deep understanding of reality and empathy towards man and nature.
The purpose of the project, open to everybody, is expressly creating virtuous dynamics of relationship and participation (ethics) with the aim to formulate working hypotheses of artistic and creative type (aesthetics), in the cultural and social environment: initiatives that are mainly a stimulus to critical vision and confrontation through the simplicity of the operational proposal. An experimental approach that gives the spirit of avant-garde back to Art, set free from the parameters of the current cultural industry, and involves it to go through new ways in the search for spaces and opportunities.
The project is an inclusive and participated reality, thus open to any kind of contribution. Specific initiatives will be proposed from time to time to members.

In Sanskrit, the oldest of the Indo-European languages known to us, “nam” means name, identity, and with a small difference in writing, it also indicates the reunification of one’s own individuality with the cosmic flow of life energy.

Eastern traditions teach that the supposed finiteness and independence of the things of this world is illusory because every reality, living or inanimate, always refers to the components that constitute it, to the causes that generated it: that is the conditions, not only material, which are responsible for the transformation. This invisible bond, also under investigation with modern scientific theories, permeates the universe and suggests a feeling of empathy towards all forms of lifeEverything is interdependent, including our eyes. Quantum Theory goes so far as to suggest a direct relationship between material, phenomenal reality and the presence of man with his observations.

Nam is a work in progress, not an abstract idea. I had called this way a series of works inspired by fire, the natural element which more than any other in cultures around the world is linked to rituals of purification and transformation: some burners made with bread dough, covered with wax were prepared with twigs, charcoal and scented essences and then really lit, giving rise to a performance moment.

Now it is also an open project, shared, in which I identify the processual dimension with the work itself: the art is relationship, takes place in the eyes of the beholder, listens, breathes, not in the mute and ended form. I’m interested in urging the creativity of the beholder, his critical spirit, invite him to observe things for what they are beyond the prejudices, the constraints imposed by the models of mass culture that flattens everything to the level of background noise. Every activity that redeems our time and reveals the uniqueness of the person can become art, and it does at the very time in which it helps to transform the individual into a person making him perceive the cosmic bond that constitutes the very meaning of existence. In this perspective, even the most trivial action can be considered political, even the simple act of breathing: even the simplest gesture can be considered art as an expression of the spirit, before becoming a cultural or commercial product.

Basically art is relationship: it has always played an intermediary function between men and gods, between the society and its models, including present, past, future men and the invisible forces that surround them and live in them. Its time is still, it belongs to the affective, the religious, to life as well as to death. It offers a poetic reading of the world, it invites to a deep, spiritual understanding of man and his destiny. It’s like an ointment (a poison) capable of dissolving the tangle of pains and illusions that prevents us from truly belong to ourselves.
– more than communicate, it makes sense by itself, for the viewer, according to what it is
– it makes energy, flame, fire 
– it awakens from its sensorial sleep destabilizing its habits and its expectations
– it fights against the annihilation of the will made by modern factories of dreams and other evasion machines
– it stimulates creativity and desire to express
– it explores the different forms of relationship, experiments innovative ways
– it opens itself to meet the other, to the plurality of points of view
– it analyzes the problems of ordinary life
– it exceeds schemes and prejudices leading to think outside the ideological ground
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The objective is to achieve virtuous dynamics of relationship and participation, aiming in particular to formulate practical proposals of artistic and creative kindEthics and aesthetics: but on a non-ideological ground, of course, in which the action will always prevail, the idea without rhetoric, the freedom to be, to express, to observe. Ethic is the continuity between works of art and the world before the social content and intellectual commitment which is its fruit, the direct consequence. Ethic is the gaze to the extent that one communicates, when knowledge becomes available and thought free to express its truth. Therefore, the project can not be born with a pre-established form, otherwise it would be trivially the realization of an abstract idea, maybe noble and virtuous but not truth: document, form and soul of the world. It’s the dynamics that create the form, spontaneous energies properly stimulated and channeled that determine the quality. Initiatives in the network or in the territory may materialize from time to time as a direct expression of the project or, in other cases, create new partnerships or new subjects. An inclusive culture that gives space to all, a dimension that integrates all possible forms of expression.

The processuality does not exclude the form that, indeed, is essential to communicate the in-depth gaze, beyond the visible. In addition to being the result of a process, then document and in turn an instrument of knowledge, in the case of art it becomes a sort of warpgate, a dimensional door beyond space and time. Thinking of a Renaissance painting, thanks to artifice, perspective, we are transported directly into the picture, we find ourselves dwelling for a few moments a corner of the world in which we can meet the gaze of the characters represented, the artist who painted them and also the gaze of all those who at different times have or will have observed the work. This happens every time a person goes beyond the technique and is able to communicate an authentic, partial, direct experience of truth: both rational and abstract in the form of a state of mind. Otherwise it is a fiction, a fashion, a luxury, an ordinary object.

The web becomes a valuable tool for meeting and sharing where the spontaneous dynamics of relationship are free to develop and give rise to specific proposals, also on the territory.