why join?

We live in a society that is falling apart, dominated by the logics of power and market that do not save anyone, not even culture. I even art is resigned to the domesticated dimension of masses consent or bends to the needs of cultural industry and gives up its experimental, authentic vocation, then there is something wrong. In this context, art can and actually must offer an alternative vision of the world, ethic, non-violent: ethic because aimed at the person, the relationship, not abstract, ideological or commercial superstructures. Ethic because it is true, inclusive, because it focuses on the most simple aspects that concern everyone, ethic because it leads us to think, to confront with ideas, models, proposals that reflect other points of view and call us into question. Politics is built from below, from the every day common gestures of eating, laughing, looking, breathing… and reading, because without nourishing the depth of thought there is no joy nor freedom. Satisfaction of the senses, maybe, but not freedom.

To those who might object, following old models, that art can’t be since it is free, rebel… I would reply that’s the reason why art can not be reduced to the system: when “to exist” you have to become skilled opportunists, enslaved by rules and prejudices of a system, then what would be the artist’s alleged rebel independence so much praised? Rebel are, in fact, those who do not bend to the status quo. The mediation is welcome, but we are talking about something else. NamVisualArt offers an open and dialectic confrontation with society, institutions, critics and collectors: in a small way, in fact, not for ambition but for genuine conviction, looking for new spaces, new references.

Today more than ever there is a need to contribute to awaken critical consciousness, pull it out from the drugged sleep induced by television addiction, by hallucinations inculcated at the level of desires or sold as myths or role models. Art is a poetic transposition of reality that generates empathy and knowledge, and of course, relationship. Art aims at the person.